System Administration Guide: Security Services

Kerberos Commands

This section lists some commands that are included in the Kerberos product.

Table 27–2 Kerberos Commands




File Transfer Protocol program


Destroys Kerberos tickets


Obtains and caches Kerberos ticket-granting tickets


Displays current Kerberos tickets


Changes a Kerberos password


Manages Kerberos keytab files


Remote file copy program


Remote file distribution program


Remote login program


Remote shell program


Kerberized telnet program


Kerberos database propagation program


Kerberos database administration GUI program, which is used to manage principals and policies


Manage gsscred table entries


Remote Kerberos database administration program (run with Kerberos authentication), which is used to manage principals, policies, and keytab files


Local Kerberos database administration program (run without Kerberos authentication and must be run on master KDC), which is used to manage principals, policies, and keytab files


Kerberos client installation script which is used with or without a installation profile


Creates LDAP containers for Kerberos databases


Creates Kerberos databases and stash files


Configures Kerberos master and slave KDCs


Lists a summary of update entries in the update log