System Administration Guide: Security Services

Client Configuration Options

A new feature in the Solaris 10 release is the kclient configuration utility. The utility can be run in interactive mode or noninteractive mode. In interactive mode, the user is prompted for Kerberos-specific parameter values, which allows the user to make changes to the existing installation when configuring the client. In noninteractive mode, a file with previously set parameter values is used. Also, command-line options can be used in the noninteractive mode. Both interactive and noninteractive modes require less steps than the manual process, which should make the process quicker and less prone to error.

In the Solaris 10 5/08 release, changes were made to allow for a zero-configuration Kerberos client. If these rules are followed in your environment then no explicit configuration procedure is necessary for a Solaris Kerberos client:

In some cases it may be better to explicitly configure the Kerberos client:

See Configuring Kerberos Clients for a description of all the client configuration processes.