System Administration Guide: Security Services

Configuring Kerberos Clients (Task Map)

The following task map includes all of the procedures associated with setting up Kerberos clients. Each row includes a task identifier, a description of why you would want to do that task, followed by a link to the task.



For Instructions 

Establish a Kerberos client installation profile. 

Generates a client installation profile that can be used to automatically install a Kerberos client. 

How to Create a Kerberos Client Installation Profile

Configure a Kerberos client. 

Manually installs a Kerberos client. Use this procedure if each client installation requires unique installation parameters. 

How to Manually Configure a Kerberos Client


Automatically installs a Kerberos client. Use this procedure if the installation parameters for each client are the same. 

How to Automatically Configure a Kerberos Client


Interactively installs a Kerberos client. Use this procedure if only a few of the installation parameters need to change. 

How to Interactively Configure a Kerberos Client

Allow a client to access a NFS file system as the root user

Creates a root principal on the client, so that the client can mount a NFS file system shared with root access. Also, allows for the client to set up non-interactive root access to the NFS file system, so that cron jobs can run.

How to Access a Kerberos Protected NFS File System as the root User

Disable verification of the KDC that issued a client Ticket Granting Ticket (TGT). 

Allows clients that do not have a host principal stored in the local keytab file to skip the security check that verifies that the KDC that issued the TGT is the same server that issued the host principal. 

How to Disable Verification of the Ticket Granting Ticket (TGT)