System Administration Guide: Security Services

Securing Logins and Passwords (Task Map)

The following task map points to procedures that monitor user logins and that disable user logins.



For Instructions 

Display a user's login status 

Lists extensive information about a user's login account, such as full name and password aging information. 

How to Display a User's Login Status

Find users who do not have passwords 

Finds only those users whose accounts do not require a password. 

How to Display Users Without Passwords

Disable logins temporarily 

Denies user logins to a machine as part of system shutdown or routine maintenance.  

How to Temporarily Disable User Logins

Save failed login attempts 

Creates a log of users who failed to provide the correct password after five attempts. 

How to Monitor Failed Login Attempts

Save all failed login attempts 

Creates a log of failed attempts to log in. 

How to Monitor All Failed Login Attempts

Create a dial-up password 

Requires an additional password for users who log in remotely through a modem or dial-up port. 

How to Create a Dial-Up Password

Disable dial-up logins temporarily 

Prevents users from dialing in remotely through a modem or port. 

How to Temporarily Disable Dial-Up Logins