System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

NIS+ Domains

An NIS+ domain consists of a directory object, its org_dir directory, its groups_dir directory, and a set of NIS+ tables.

Diagram shows NIS+ directory structure with 3 major directory

NIS+ domains are not tangible components of the namespace. They are simply a convenient way to refer to sections of the namespace that are used to support real-world organizations.

For example, suppose the DOC company has Sales and Manufacturing divisions. To support those divisions, its NIS+ namespace would most likely be arranged into three major directory groups, with a structure that looked like the following diagram.

Figure 2–2 Example NIS+ Directory Structure

Diagram shows 3 NIS+ domains

Instead of referring to such a structure as three directories, six subdirectories, and several additional objects, referring to it as three NIS+ domains is more convenient.

Figure 2–3 Example NIS+ Domains

Diagram shows servers serving NIS+ domains