System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

What the NIS+ Scripts Will Not Do

While the NIS+ scripts reduce the effort required to create an NIS+ namespace, the scripts do not completely replace the individual NIS+ commands. The scripts only implement a subset of NIS+ features. If you are unfamiliar with NIS+, you may want to refer back to this section after you have created the sample NIS+ namespace.

The nisserver script only sets up an NIS+ server with the standard default tables and permissions (authorizations).

This script does not:

See Chapter 4, Configuring NIS+ With Scripts for how to use the rpc.nisd command instead of one of the NIS+ scripts to change NIS+ client machines into non-root servers.

The nisclient script does not set up an NIS+ client to resolve host names using DNS. You need to explicitly set DNS for clients that require this option.