System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

ProcedureHow to Initialize an NIS+ User

Before You Begin

Before you use the nisclient script to initialize a user, be sure the following prerequisites have been met.

You need the following information to run nisclient.

  1. To become an NIS+ client, enter the following nisclient command while logged in as the user.

    user1prompt% nisclient -u
    At the prompt below, type the network password (also known as the 
    Secure-RPC password) that you obtained either from your administrator 
    or from running the nispopulate script.
    Please enter the Secure-RPC password for user1:
  2. Enter the Secure RPC password, which is nisplus in this case.

    The password does not echo on the screen.

    Please enter the login password for user1:
  3. Type the user's login password and press Return.

    The password does not echo on the screen.

    Your network password has been changed to your login one.
    Your network and login passwords are now the same

    This user is now an NIS+ client. You need to have all users make themselves NIS+ clients.