System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

Introduction to NIS+ Client Configuration

This chapter describes how to configure clients in both standard NIS+ domains and NIS-compatible domains. The procedure describes each step in detail and provides related information. For those who do not need detailed instructions, a summary listing of the necessary commands is provided in Table 6–1.

Note –

It is much easier to perform this task with the NIS+ installation scripts, as described in Part 1, than with the NIS+ command set as described here. The methods described in this chapter should only be used by those administrators who are very familiar with NIS+ and who require some non-standard features or configurations not provided by the installation scripts. If you have them available, the Solaris Management Console tools also provide easier methods of adding and setting up NIS+ client machines.

At Step 11 in the client configuration instructions you must choose which of three methods to use: broadcast, host name, or cold-start file. Because each method is implemented differently, each has its own task description. After initializing a client by one of these methods, you can continue setting up the client by returning to Step 12.

The last task in the chapter describes how to change a machine's domain.