System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

NIS+ Subdomain Configuration Summary

Table 8–1 is a summary of the steps required to configure a non-root domain. It assumes the simplest case, so be sure you are familiar with the more thorough task descriptions before you use this summary as a reference. This summary does not show the server's responses to each command.

Table 8–1 Setting Up a Subdomain Command Summary



Log in as superuser to domain master. 

smaster% su

Name the domain's admin group. 


# export NIS_GROUP

Create the domain's directory and designate its servers. 

# nismkdir -m smaster -s salesreplica

Create org_dir, groups_dir, and tables. (For NIS-compatibility, use -Y.)

# /usr/lib/nis/nissetup

Create the admin group. 

# nisgrpadm -c

Assign full group rights to the domain's directory. 

# nischmod g+rmcd

Add servers to admin group. 

# nisgrpadm -a

Add credentials for other admins. 

# nisaddcred -p 22244 -P local

# nisaddcred -p DES

Add admins to domain's admin group. 

# nisgrpadm -a