System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

ProcedureHow to Transfer Information From NIS+ to NIS

Transfer information from NIS+ tables to NIS maps on a Solaris 1 master server.

Before You Begin

To perform this task, you must have read access to each table whose contents you transfer.

The maps must already have been built on the NIS server.

  1. Log in to the NIS+ server.

    This example uses the server named dualserver.

  2. Transfer the NIS+ tables to output files.

    Use the nisaddent command with the -d option, once for each table.

    dualserver% /usr/lib/nis/nisaddent -d -t table tabletype > filename

    The -d option transfers the contents of table to filename, converting the contents back to standard /etc file format.

  3. Transfer the contents of the output files in to the NIS maps.

    The NIS+ output files are ASCII files that you can use as input files for the NIS maps. Copy them into the NIS master's /etc directory, then use make as usual.

    dualserver# cd /var/yp
    dualserver# make