System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (NIS+)

Solaris 10 and NIS+

No new NIS+ features are in this release.

FNS No Longer Supported in NIS+

FNS is no longer supported by the Solaris OS. Information pertaining to FNS has been removed from the Solaris System Administration documentation set.

Service Management Facility (SMF) and NIS+

NIS+ is now managed by the Service Management Facility (SMF). When you start, stop, or restart an NIS+ service, use the svcadm command. The NIS+ processes managed by SMF include rpc.nisd and keyserv. nis_cachemgr starts and stops in association with the rpc.nisd service. These services should no longer be started and stopped individually.

Use of SMF also impacts the implementation of optional behaviors with NIS+. See NIS+ and the Service Management Facility for more information about using SMF with NIS+.

ipnodes File Removed

Starting in the Solaris 10 7/07 release, the /etc/inet/ipnodes file is no longer used for IPv6 addresses. Therefore, the NIS+ table, ipnodes.org_dir, is not needed. Use the hosts file and the corresponding hosts.org_dir table for IPv6 addresses.