Writing Device Drivers

ProcedureTo Set Up the Host System for a tip Connection

  1. Connect the host system to the test machine using serial port A on both machines.

    This connection must be made with a null modem cable.

  2. On the host system, make sure there is an entry in /etc/remote for the connection. See the remote(4) man page for details.

    The terminal entry must match the serial port that is used. The Solaris operating system comes with the correct entry for serial port B, but a terminal entry must be added for serial port A:


    Note –

    The baud rate must be set to 9600.

  3. In a shell window on the host, run tip(1) and specify the name of the entry:

    % tip debug

    The shell window is now a tip window with a connection to the console of the test machine.

    Caution – Caution –

    Do not use STOP-A for SPARC machines or F1-A for x86 architecture machines on the host machine to stop the test machine. This action actually stops the host machine. To send a break to the test machine, type ~# in the tip window. Commands such as ~# are recognized only if these characters on first on the line. If the command has no effect, press either the Return key or Control-U.