Writing Device Drivers


This manual does not highlight hotplugging information. If you follow the rules and suggestions for writing device drivers given in this book, your driver should be able to handle hotplugging. In particular, make sure that both autoconfiguration (see Chapter 6, Driver Autoconfiguration) and detach(9E) work correctly in your driver. In addition, if you are designing a driver that uses power management, you should follow the information given in Chapter 12, Power Management. SCSI HBA drivers might need to add a cb_ops structure to their dev_ops structure (see Chapter 18, SCSI Host Bus Adapter Drivers) to take advantage of hotplugging capabilities.

Previous versions of the Solaris OS required hotpluggable drivers to include a DT_HOTPLUG property, but this property is no longer required. Driver writers are free, however, to include and use the DT_HOTPLUG property as they see fit.