Writing Device Drivers

Setting Breakpoints in kmdb

Use the bp command to set a breakpoint, as shown in the following example.

Example 22–7 Setting Standard Breakpoints in kmdb

[0]> myModule`myBreakpointLocation::bp

If the target module has not been loaded, then an error message that indicates this condition is displayed, and the breakpoint is not created. In this case you can use a deferred breakpoint. A deferred breakpoint activates automatically when the specified module is loaded. Set a deferred breakpoint by specifying the target location after the bp command. The following example demonstrates a deferred breakpoint.

Example 22–8 Setting Deferred Breakpoints in kmdb

[0]>::bp myModule`myBreakpointLocation       

For more information on using breakpoints, see the Solaris Modular Debugger Guide. You can also get help by typing either of the following two lines:

> ::help bp
> ::bp dcmd