Writing Device Drivers

Cleaning Up Fault Management Resources

The ddi_fm_fini(9F) function cleans up resources allocated to support fault management for dip.

void ddi_fm_fini(dev_info_t *dip)

The ddi_fm_fini() function can be called from kernel context in a driver attach(9E) or detach(9E) entry point.

The following example from the bge driver shows the bge_fm_fini() function, which calls the ddi_fm_fini(9F) function. The bge_fm_fini() function is called in the bge_unattach() function, which is called in both the bge_attach() and bge_detach() functions.

static void
bge_fm_fini(bge_t *bgep)
        /* Only unregister FMA capabilities if we registered some */
        if (bgep->fm_capabilities) {
                 * Release any resources allocated by pci_ereport_setup()
                if (DDI_FM_EREPORT_CAP(bgep->fm_capabilities) ||
                 * Un-register error callback if error callback capable
                if (DDI_FM_ERRCB_CAP(bgep->fm_capabilities))
                 * Unregister from IO Fault Services