Writing Device Drivers

gld_sched() Function

void gld_sched(gld_mac_info_t *macinfo);

gld_sched() is called by the device driver to reschedule stalled outbound packets. Whenever the driver's gldm_send() routine returns GLD_NORESOURCES, the driver must call gld_sched() to inform the GLDv2 framework to retry previously unsendable packets. gld_sched() should be called as soon as possible after resources become available so that GLDv2 resumes passing outbound packets to the driver's gldm_send() routine. (If the driver's gldm_stop() routine is called, the driver need not retry until GLD_NORESOURCES is returned from gldm_send(). However, extra calls to gld_sched() do not cause incorrect operation.)