Writing Device Drivers

Use Fixed-Width Common Access Functions

The Solaris DDI allows device registers to be accessed by access functions for portability to multiple platforms. Previously, the DDI common access functions specified the size of data in terms of bytes, words, and so on. For example, ddi_getl(9F) is used to access 32-bit quantities. This function is not available in the 64-bit DDI environment, and has been replaced by versions of the function that specify the number of bits to be acted on.

These routines were added to the 32-bit kernel in the Solaris 2.6 operating environment, to enable their early adoption by driver writers. For example, to be portable to both 32-bit and 64-bit kernels, the driver must use ddi_get32(9F) to access 32-bit data rather than ddi_getl(9F).

All common access routines are replaced by their fixed-width equivalents. See the ddi_get8(9F), ddi_put8(9F), ddi_rep_get8(9F), and ddi_rep_put8(9F) man pages for details.