STREAMS Programming Guide

signal Message

STREAMS modules and drivers send signals to application processes through a special signal message. If the signal specified by the module or driver is not SIGPOLL (see signal(3C)), the signal is delivered to the process group associated with the stream. If the signal is SIGPOLL, the signal is only sent to processes that have registered for the signal by using the I_SETSIG ioctl(2).

Modules or drivers use an M_SIG message to insert an explicit in-band signal into a message stream. For example, a message can be sent to the application process immediately before a particular service interface message. When the M_SIG message reaches the head of the stream read queue, a signal is generated and the M_SIG message is removed. The service interface message is the next message to be processed by the user. (The M_SIG message is usually defined as part of the service interface of the driver or module.)