STREAMS Programming Guide

Action Summary

The open(2) system call recognizes a STREAMS special file and creates a stream to the specified driver. A user process can receive and send data on STREAMS files using read(2) and write(2) in the same way as with traditional character files. ioctl(2) lets users perform functions specific to a particular device. STREAMS ioctl(2) commands (see the streamio(7I) man page) support a variety of functions to access and control streams. The final close(2) on a stream dismantles it.

The poll(2) system call provides a mechanism for multiplexing input/output over a set of file descriptors that reference open files. putmsg(2) and getmsg(2) and the putpmsg(2) and getpmsg(2) send and receive STREAMS messages, and can act on STREAMS modules and drivers through a service interface.