STREAMS Programming Guide


The M_COPYOUT message is generated by a module or driver and sent upstream to request that the stream head perform a copyout(9F) on behalf of the module or driver. It is valid only after receiving an M_IOCTL message and before an M_IOCACK or M_IOCNAK.

The message format is one M_COPYOUT message block followed by one or more M_DATA blocks. The M_COPYOUT message block contains a copyreq(9S) as described in the M_COPYIN message with the following differences: the cq_addr field contains the user space address to which the data is to be copied. The cq_size field is the number of bytes to copy to user space.

Data to be copied to user space is contained in the linked M_DATA blocks.

This message should not be queued by a module or driver unless it processes the data for the ioctl in some way.

Note –

For more information, see copyin and copyout in the Writing Device Drivers manual.