STREAMS Programming Guide

Default Settings

When ldterm is pushed on the stream, the open routine initializes the settings of the termio flags. The default settings are:

c_oflag = OPOST|ONLCR|TAB3
c_cflag = CREAD|CS8|B9600

In canonical mode (ICANON flag in c_lflag is turned on), read from the terminal file descriptor is in message non-discard (RMSGN) mode (see streamio(7I)). This implies that in canonical mode, read on the terminal file descriptor always returns at most one line, regardless of how many characters have been requested. In non-canonical mode, read is in byte-stream (RNORM) mode. The flag ECHOCTL has been added for SunOS 4.1 compatibility.

For information on user-configurable settings, see termio(7I).