Oracle Solaris Security for Developers Guide

Complying with U.S. Government Export Laws

The United States government restricts the export of open cryptographic interfaces, which are also referred to as crypto-with-a-hole. Due to this restriction, all vendors of providers must obtain export approval from the U.S. government. The vendor needs to request a certificate from Sun Microsystems, Inc. to indicate compliance with export laws. The vendor then signs the provider electronically and ships the software with the certificate.

In the export approval process, the strength of your encryption determines the countries in which the software can be used. The U.S. government defines two export categories for encryption products that are manufactured in the U.S.A.:

If your provider has non-retail approval, you can make the provider eligible for retail approval. Retail approval can be obtained by disabling the use of your provider by certain callers such as IPsec. Sun provides two different certificates in this case, for restricted and unrestricted use. You indicate this situation in the certificate request process, To Request a Certificate for Signing a Provider. In addition, a special activation file must be generated, signed, and shipped with the provider. See To Generate an Activation File for Retail Export.