Solaris Smartcard Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Add Support for a New Card Type (Command Line)

If you prefer the command line, use this procedure.

  1. Verify that the ocfserv daemon is enabled.

    The following command provides the status of the service.

    % svcs network/rpc/ocfserv

    Note –

    Before you make any changes to Smartcard, you must make sure that the ocfserv daemon is enabled.

  2. (Optional) If necessary, as root, enable the ocfserv daemon.

    # svcadm enable network/rpc/ocfserv
  3. Type the following to add “12345” as a new PayFlex ATR:

    # smartcard -c admin -x modify "PayFlex.ATR=3B69000057100A9 3B6911000000010100 12345"

    Note –

    If you want to retain the current ATR, you must enter the current ATR and the new ATR.