Solaris Smartcard Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Resolve Configuration Problems

The /etc/smartcard/ file stores important smart card configuration information. This file requires no administration. Do not edit this file manually. However, if you inadvertently introduced a problem in your smart card configuration, you can restore the previous version of /etc/smartcard/

  1. Verify that the ocfserv daemon is enabled.

    The following command provides the status of the service.

    % svcs network/rpc/ocfserv

    Note –

    Before you make any changes to Smartcard, you must make sure that the ocfserv daemon is enabled.

  2. (Optional) If necessary, as root, enable the ocfserv daemon.

    # svcadm enable network/rpc/ocfserv
  3. Change to the /etc/smartcard directory.

  4. Save the current version first.

    # cp
  5. Copy the previous version to the current version.

    # cp