System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration

ProcedureHow to Display at Jobs

  1. To display information about the execution times of your at jobs, use the at -l command.

    $ at -l [job-id]

    where the -l job-id option identifies the identification number of the job whose status you want to display.

Example 8–8 Displaying at Jobs

The following example shows output from the at -l command, which provides information on the status of all jobs submitted by a user.

$ at -l
897543900.a	Sat Jul 14 23:45:00 2004
897355800.a	Thu Jul 12 19:30:00 2004
897732000.a	Tue Jul 17 04:00:00 2004

The following example shows the output that is displayed when a single job is specified with the at -l command.

$ at -l 897732000.a
897732000.a		Tue Jul 17 04:00:00 2004