System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration

Displaying System Performance Information (Task Map)



For Instructions 

Display virtual memory Statistics. 

Collect virtual memory statistics by using the vmstat command.

How to Display Virtual Memory Statistics (vmstat)

Display system event information. 

Display system event information by using the vmstat command with the -s option.

How to Display System Event Information (vmstat -s)

Display swapping statistics. 

Use the vmstat command with the -S option to display swapping statistics.

How to Display Swapping Statistics (vmstat -S)

Display interrupts per device. 

Use the vmstat command with the -i option to show the number of interrupts per device.

How to Display Interrupts Per Device (vmstat -i)

Display disk utilization. 

Use the iostat command to report disk input and output statistics.

How to Display Disk Utilization Information (iostat)

Display extended disk statistics. 

Use the iostat command with the -xtcoption to display extended disk statistics.

How to Display Extended Disk Statistics (iostat -xtc)

Display disk space information. 

The df -k command displays disk space information in Kbytes.

How to Display Disk Space Information (df -k)