System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration

fsck Summary Messages

This section contains fsck summary messages in the current Oracle Solaris release. If you are not running at least the Solaris 10 6/06 release, these messages are displayed in the cleanup phase. For more information, see Cleanup Phase Messages.

Once a file system has been checked, a few summary messages are displayed.

number-of files, number-of-files
used, number-of-files free (number-of frags, number-of blocks, 
percent fragmentation)

This message indicates that the file system checked contains number-of files using number-of fragment-sized blocks, and that there are number-of fragment-sized blocks free in the file system. The numbers in parentheses break the free count down into number-of free fragments, number-of free full-sized blocks, and the percent fragmentation.


This message indicates that the file system was modified by fsck. There is no need to rerun fsck if you see this message. This message is just informational about fsck's corrective actions.