System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration

Tools for Managing Terminals and Modems

The following table lists the tools for managing terminals and modems.

Table 1–2 Tools For Managing Terminals and Modems

Managing Terminals and Modems Method 


For More Information 

The most comprehensive 

Service Access Facility (SAF) commands 

Overview of the Service Access Facility

The quickest setup 

Solaris Management Console's Serial Ports tool 

Chapter 2, Setting Up Terminals and Modems (Tasks) and Solaris Management Console online help

Serial Ports Tool

The Serial Ports tool sets up the serial port software to work with terminals and modems by calling the pmadm command with the appropriate information.

The tool also provides the following:

Overview of the Service Access Facility

The SAF is the tool used for administering terminals, modems, and other network devices.

In particular, the SAF enables you to set up the following:

The SAF is an open-systems solution that controls access to system and network resources through tty devices and local-area networks (LANs). The SAF is not a program, but a hierarchy of background processes and administrative commands.