System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration

ttymon and the Console Port

Console services are not managed by the Service Access Controller (SAC), nor by any explicit ttymon administration file. ttymon invocations are managed by SMF. As a result, you can no longer invoke ttymon by adding an entry to the /etc/inittab file. A property group with the type, application, and the name ttymon, has been added to the SMF service, svc:/system/console-login:default. The properties within this property group are used by the method script, /lib/svc/method/console-login. This script uses the property values as arguments to the ttymon invocation. Usually, if the values are empty, or if the values are not defined for any of the properties, then the value is not used for ttymon. However, if the ttymon device value is empty, or not set, then /dev/console is used as the default to enable ttymon to run.

The following properties are available under the SMF service, svc:/system/console-login:default:


Specifies the nohangup property. If set to true, do not force a line hang up by setting the line speed to zero before setting the default or specified speed.


Specifies the prompt string for the console port.


Specifies the default terminal type for the console.


Specifies the console device.


Specifies the TTY label in the /etc/ttydefs line.