System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration

Special listen-Specific Administrative Command (nlsadmin)

The listen port monitor's administrative file is updated by the sacadm and pmadm commands, as well as by the nlsadmin command. The nlsadmin command formats listen-specific information and writes it to standard output, providing a means of presenting formatted listen-specific data to the sacadm and pmadm commands.

Thus, the nlsadmin command does not administer listen directly. The command complements the generic administrative commands, sacadm and pmadm.

Each network, configured separately, can have at least one instance of the network listener process associated with it. The nlsadmin command controls the operational states of listen port monitors.

The nlsadmin command can establish a listen port monitor for a given network, configure the specific attributes of that port monitor, and start and kill the monitor. The nlsadmin command can also report on the listen port monitors on a machine.

For more information, see the nlsadmin(1M) man page.