System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration

ProcedureHow to Change the Class of a Process (priocntl)

  1. (Optional) Become superuser or assume an equivalent role.

  2. Change the class of a process.

    # priocntl -s -c class -i idtype idlist

    Lets you set the upper limit on the user priority range and change the current priority.

    -c class

    Specifies the class, TS for time-sharing or RT for real-time, to which you are changing the process.

    -i idtype idlist

    Uses a combination of xidtype and xidlist to identify the process or processes. The xidtype specifies the type of ID, such as the process ID or user ID. Use xidlist to identify a list of process IDs or user IDs.

    Note –

    You must be superuser or working in a real-time shell to change a process from, or to, a real-time process. If, as superuser, you change a user process to the real-time class, the user cannot subsequently change the real-time scheduling parameters by using the priocntl -s command.

  3. Verify the process status.

    # ps -ecl | grep idlist

Example 12–9 Changing the Class of a Process (priocntl)

The following example shows how to change all the processes that belong to user 15249 to real-time processes.

# priocntl -s -c RT -i uid 15249
# ps -ecl | grep 15249