System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration

Managing System Crash Information (Task Map)

The following task map identifies the procedures needed to manage system crash information.



For Instructions 

1. Display the current crash dump configuration. 

Display the current crash dump configuration by using the dumpadm command.

How to Display the Current Crash Dump Configuration

2. Modify the crash dump configuration. 

Use the dumpadm command to specify the type of data to dump, whether or not the system will use a dedicated dump device, the directory for saving crash dump files, and the amount of space that must remain available after crash dump files are written.

How to Modify a Crash Dump Configuration

3. Examine a crash dump file. 

Use the mdb command to view crash dump files.

How to Examine a Crash Dump

4. (Optional) Recover from a full crash dump directory. 

The system crashes, but no room is available in the savecore directory, and you want to save some critical system crash dump information.

How to Recover From a Full Crash Dump Directory (Optional)

5. (Optional) Disable or enable the saving of crash dump files. 

Use the dumpadm command to disable or enable the saving the crash dump files. Saving crash dump files is enabled by default.

How to Disable or Enable Saving Crash Dumps