System Administration Guide: Advanced Administration

Where to Find Software Troubleshooting Tasks

Troubleshooting Task 

For More Information 

Manage system crash information 

Chapter 17, Managing System Crash Information (Tasks)

Manage core files 

Chapter 16, Managing Core Files (Tasks)

Troubleshoot software problems such as reboot failures and backup problems 

Chapter 18, Troubleshooting Miscellaneous Software Problems (Tasks)

Troubleshoot file access problems 

Chapter 19, Troubleshooting File Access Problems (Tasks)

Troubleshoot printing problems 

Chapter 13, Troubleshooting Printing Problems in the Oracle Solaris OS (Tasks), in System Administration Guide: Printing

Resolve UFS file system inconsistencies 

Chapter 20, Resolving UFS File System Inconsistencies (Tasks)

Troubleshoot software package problems 

Chapter 21, Troubleshooting Software Package Problems (Tasks)