Application Packaging Developer's Guide

Verifying and Transferring a Package (Task Map)

The table below describes the steps you should follow in order to verify your package's integrity and transfer it to a distribution medium.

Table 4–1 Verifying and Transferring a Package Task Map




1. Build Your Package 

Build your package on disk. 

Chapter 2, Building a Package

2. Install Your Package 

Test your package by installing it and making sure that it installs without errors. 

How to Install a Package on a Standalone System or Server

3. Verify Your Package's Integrity 

Use the pkgchk command to verify the integrity of your package. 

How to Verify the Integrity of a Package

4. Obtain Other Package Information 

Optional. Use the pkginfo and pkgparam commands to perform package-specific verification.

Displaying Additional Information About Installed Packages

5. Remove the Installed Package 

Use the pkgrm command to remove your installed package from the system.

How to Remove a Package

6. Transfer Your Package to a Distribution Medium 

Use the pkgtrans command to transfer your package (in package format) to a distribution medium.

How to Transfer a Package to a Distribution Medium