Solaris 10 What's New

Common Solaris Target Disk Driver

This feature is new in the Solaris Express 5/04 release.

In this Solaris release, the disk drivers for SPARC and x86 platforms are merged into a single driver. This change creates one source file for the following 3 drivers:

In previous Solaris releases, three separate drivers were needed to provide support for SCSI and Fibre Channel disk devices on the SPARC and x86 platforms. All of the disk utilities, such as the format, fmthard, and fdisk commands, have been updated to support these changes.

For more information, see the sd(7D) and ssd(7D) man pages.

In addition, Solaris support for the EFI disk label is now available on x86 systems. For further information about EFI disk labels, see Multiterabyte Disk Support With EFI Disk Labels.

For further information, see also “What’s New in Disk Management in the Solaris 10 Release?” in the System Administration Guide: Devices and File Systems.