Solaris 10 What's New

Additional Software

This section describes additional software features in the Solaris 10 3/05 release that are new or have been enhanced since the Solaris 9 OS was originally distributed in May 2002.

Sun Remote Services Net Connect 3.1.1

Sun Remote Services (SRS) Net Connect 3.1.1 was made available with the Solaris Express 10/04 release on the Extra Value CD. SRS Net Connect 3.1.1 enables you to self-monitor systems, create performance and trend reports, and receive automatic notifications. These features help you maximize system availability and reliability and manage potential issues.

Note –

For Solaris 9 users, this feature is new in the Solaris 9 4/04 release.

For information about installation of SRS Net Connect, see the Sun Remote Services Net Connect Activation Guide.