Solaris 10 What's New

X Client Support for XFree86 Extensions

These X11 windowing enhancements are new in the Solaris Express 6/05 release and in the Solaris 10 1/06 release.

These enhancements take advantage of X server extensions that were originally developed by the XFree86 Project. These enhancements are now incorporated into the Xorg X server.

The new programs available include the following:


Alters a monitor's gamma correction through XF86VidMode extension


Resizes or rotates the screen through the RandR extension


Provides video mode tuner for Xorg through XF86VidMode extension


Prints X Video extension adapter information

Advanced users can use these applications to tune the settings of the Xorg server at runtime. This process provides more information about the capabilities of the current system hardware.

Note –

These programs require support for the XFree86 extensions. As such, these programs do not currently work with the Xsun X server. These programs do not work with other X servers that lack this support.

For more information, see the man pages for each application. Add /usr/X11/man to your $MANPATH, if needed, to view the man pages.