Solaris 10 What's New

Sun Update Connection, System Edition 1.0

This feature is new in the Solaris 10 1/06 release.

The Sun Update Connection services enable you to keep your Solaris system up-to-date by giving you access to all the latest fixes and features. You can choose to perform local single-system update management or remote multiple-system update management. The Sun Update Connection services include these components:

To receive the Sun Update Connection services, you must register your system. The registration process is initiated the first time that you boot your system or the first time that you access the Update Manager.

A subset of the Sun Update Connection services is available to Solaris users who do not have a service plan. These services include the use of Sun Update Manager to manage all security fixes and device driver updates that apply to your Solaris system.

To use the full suite of Sun Update Connection services, you must have one of the service plans described at The full suite of services includes access to all patches, the Sun Update Connection web application, and the Sun Update Connection proxy.

For information about the Sun Update Connection, System Edition, see these books in the on docs.sun.comSM.

For information about registering your system after you install the Solaris software, see the Sun Connection Information Hub