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Plug-ins for Mozilla 1.7

This section contains information about plug-ins for Mozilla 1.7.

Java Plug-in

Java Plug-in is enabled in Mozilla 1.7 by default. If Java Plug-in does not work, then create a symbolic link in the /usr/sfw/lib/mozilla/plugins directory, pointing to the appropriate file shown in the following table.







In the Java Desktop System Release 3, $JAVA_PATH is /usr/java/jre.

Note –

Do not copy the file instead of creating a symbolic link. A copy of the file causes theJava software to crash.

Install all Java plugins in the /usr/sfw/lib/mozilla/plugins directory.

Other Plugins

The Adobe Acrobat Reader third-party plugin is also available for Mozilla 1.7.

For more installation information about Mozilla plugins, see the following location: