Solaris 10 What's New

ZFS Web-Based Management

The Solaris 10 6/06 release includes the Solaris ZFS web-based management tool, which enables you to perform much of the administration that you can do with the ZFS command line interface. You can perform the following administrative tasks with the Solaris ZFS administration console:

You can access the Solaris ZFS administration console through a secure web browser at the following URL:


If you type the appropriate URL and are unable to reach Solaris ZFS administration console, the server might not be started. To start the server, run the following command:

# /usr/sbin/smcwebserver start

If you want the server to run automatically when the system boots, run the following command:

# /usr/sbin/smcwebserver enable

Note –

You cannot use the Solaris Management Console (smc) to manage ZFS storage pools or file systems.