Solaris 10 What's New

IP Instances: LAN and VLAN Separation for Non-Global Zones

IP networking can now be configured in two different ways, depending on whether the zone is given is assigned an exclusive IP instance or shares the IP layer configuration and state with the global zone. IP types are configured by using the zonecfg command.

The shared-IP type is the default. These zones connect to the same VLANs or same LANs as the global zone and share the IP layer. lx branded zones are configured as Shared-IP zones. For more information, see lx Branded Zones: Solaris Containers for Linux Applications.

Full IP-level functionality is available in an exclusive-IP zone. If a zone must be isolated at the IP layer on the network, then the zone can have an exclusive IP. The exclusive-IP zone can be used to consolidate applications that must communicate on different subnets that are on different VLANs or different LANs.

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