Solaris 10 What's New

Specify Core File Content With coreadm

This feature is new in the Solaris Express 12/03 release. The -i and -I options have been further enhanced in the Solaris Express 1/04 release.

In the Solaris Express 12/03 release, the coreadm command lets you specify which parts of a process are present in the core file during a crash. You can see the system's configuration by running coreadm with no arguments.

You can specify the global core file content and the default per-process core file content by using the -G and -I options respectively. Each option requires a set of content specifier tokens. You can also set the core file content for individual processes by using the -P option. Core dumps that correspond to the global settings no longer honor the per-process, core file-size resource control.

In the Solaris Express 1/04 release, the -i and -I options to the coreadm command now apply to all processes whose core file settings are using the system-wide default. Use the -p and -P options to override the default.

For further information, see the coreadm(1M) man page.