Solaris Containers: Resource Management and Solaris Zones Developer's Guide

Signals Used With Resource Controls

For each threshold value that is placed on a resource control, the following restricted set of signals is available:


Terminate the process.


Signal generated by resource control facility when the resource control limit is exceeded.


When carrier drops on an open line, the process group that controls the terminal is sent a hangup signal, SIGHUP.


Job control signal. Stop the process. Stop signal not from terminal.


Terminate the process. Termination signal sent by software.


Terminate the process. Kill the program.


Terminate the process. File size limit exceeded. Available only to resource controls with the RCTL_GLOBAL_FILE_SIZE property.


Terminate the process. CPU time limit exceeded. Available only to resource controls with the RCTL_GLOBAL_CPUTIME property. See rctlblk_set_value(3C) for more information.

Other signals might be permitted due to global properties of a specific control.

Note –

Calls to setrctl() with illegal signals fail.

Figure 5–2 Setting Privilege Levels for Signals

setting privilege levels for signals