Solaris Containers: Resource Management and Solaris Zones Developer's Guide

Sun::Solaris::Exacct::Object Module

The Sun::Solaris::Exacct::Object module serves as a parent of the two possible types of exacct objects: Items and Groups. An exacct Item is a single data value, an embedded exacct object, or a block of raw data. An example of a single data value is the number of seconds of user CPU time consumed by a process. An exacct Group is an ordered collection of exacct Items such as all of the resource usage values for a particular process or task. If Groups need to be nested within each other, the inner Groups can be stored as embedded exacct objects inside the enclosing Group.

The Sun::Solaris::Exacct::Object module contains methods that are common to both exacct Items and Groups. Note that the attributes of Sun::Solaris::Exacct::Object and all classes derived from it are read-only after initial creation via new(). The attributes made read-only prevents the inadvertent modification of the attributes which could give rise to inconsistent catalog tags and data values. The only exception to the read-only attributes is the array used to store the Items inside a Group object. This array can be modified using the normal perl array operators.

Sun::Solaris::Exacct::Object Constants

Sun::Solaris::Exacct::Object provides the EO_ERROR, EO_NONE, EO_ITEM and EO_GROUP constants.

Sun::Solaris::Exacct::Object Functions, Class Methods, and Object Methods

The Sun::Solaris::Exacct::Object module has no functions.

The Perl extensions to the libexacct(3LIB) API provide the following class method forSun::Solaris::Exacct::Object.


The Perl extensions to the libexacct(3LIB) API provide the following object methods forSun::Solaris::Exacct::Object.





Sun::Solaris::Exacct::Object Exports

By default, nothing is exported from this module. The following tags can be used to selectively import constants and functions defined in this module.


Constant or Function