Solaris Containers: Resource Management and Solaris Zones Developer's Guide

Local Actions and Local Flags

The local action and local flags are applied to the current resource control value represented by this resource control block. Local actions and local flags are value-specific. For each threshold value that is placed on a resource control, the following local actions and local flags are available:


No local action is taken when this resource control value is exceeded.


The specified signal, set by rctlblk_set_local_action(), is sent to the process that placed this resource control value in the value sequence.


When this resource control value is encountered, the request for the resource is denied. Set on all values if RCTL_GLOBAL_DENY_ALWAYS is set for this control. Cleared on all values if RCTL_GLOBAL_DENY_NEVER is set for this control.


This resource control value represents a request for the maximum amount of resource for this control. If RCTL_GLOBAL_INFINITE is set for this resource control, RCTL_LOCAL_MAXIMAL indicates an unlimited resource control value that is never exceeded.