Linker and Libraries Guide

Mapping Directives

A mapping directive instructs the link-editor how to map input sections to output segments. Basically, you name the segment that you are mapping to and indicate what the attributes of a section must be in order to map into the named segment. The set of section_attribute_values that a section must have to map into a specific segment is called the entrance criteria for that segment. In order to be placed in a specified segment of the output file, a section must meet the entrance criteria for a segment exactly.

A mapping directive has the following syntax.

        segment_name : {section_attribute_value}* [: {file_name}+];

For a segment_name, you specify any number of section_attribute_values in any order, each separated by a space. At most, one section attribute value is allowed for each section attribute. You can also specify that the section must come from a certain .o file through a file_name declaration. The section attributes and their valid values are shown in the following table.

Table 9–2 Section Attributes

Section Attribute 



Any valid section name 










? [[!]A] [[!]W] [[!]X]

Note the following points when entering mapping directives.