System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Oracle Solaris Auto Registration Introduced

Oracle Solaris 10 9/10: Oracle Solaris Auto Registration feature is a mechanism whereby newly installed software products are automatically registered with My Oracle Support during the first system reboot after an installation or upgrade, and on subsequent system reboots, if any system configuration changes have occurred. Auto Registration leverages the existing service tag technology that enables products to be discovered on a network and then registered in a local registry.

The Auto Registration feature is managed by an SMF service. This service, which is enabled by default, runs once at boot time to check for newly installed products. If any new products are discovered, service tag information about these products is automatically transmitted to the Oracle Product Registration System by using an Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) connection.

The feature has a command-line interface (CLI), usr/sbin/regadm, that can be used by a privileged system administrator to manage the Auto Registration SMF service and to administer product registration, independent of the installation or upgrade process.

For more information, see Chapter 17, Working With the Oracle Solaris Auto Registration regadm Command (Tasks).