System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

How Your Oracle Solaris 10 9/10 System Is Registered

Oracle uses support credentials and network connectivity information that is collected before or during an installation or upgrade to associate product registration with a specific user account. Support credentials can also be provided after an installation by using the regadm auth command. See Authenticating a User by Specifying Named Support Credentials. If no support credentials or network connectivity information is specified, the Auto Registration process assumes a direct HTTP network connection (no proxy), and the registration is anonymous.

To register your system by specifying support credentials, you must have either a valid My Oracle Support account or a valid Sun Online account. Support credentials consist of a user name and password that enable you to authenticate to Oracle's support portal and the Oracle Product Registration System.

For information about obtaining a My Oracle Support account, go to

For information about obtaining a Sun Online account, go to

If you are running Oracle Solaris 10 9/10, you can provide support credentials, as follows: