System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Troubleshooting Auto Registration Issues

The more common errors that you might encounter while attempting to authenticate or register your system can be resolved by following basic troubleshooting strategies. The following are issues that you might need to troubleshoot when using the regadm command:

Authentication Failed

If you attempt to authenticate yourself with My Oracle Support by using the regadm auth command, and the authentication fails, the following message is displayed after you type your user name and password:

Authentication failed

To troubleshoot this issue, verify that you are using the correct account credentials (My Oracle Support user name and password, or Sun Online account user name and password). To verify your account settings, go to

For answers to common questions and information about how to gain initial access to My Oracle Support, go to

Cannot Send HTTP Proxy Password

For security reasons, the HTTP proxy password must be located in a file rather than specified on the command line. If the password has not been specified in a file, the regadm command cannot locate the password. Consequently, the following message is displayed when you attempt to set your password:

# regadm set -n http_proxy_pw -v secret1
Cannot find file 'secret1'

For instructions on setting the HTTP proxy password, see How to Configure HTTP Proxy Authentication Settings.

HTTP Communications Error

If a problem exists with your HTTP configuration, the following error message might be displayed:

HTTP Communications error with Oracle Support Center

Please check your HTTP settings and retry your request.

There can be one or more reasons that this error message is displayed. To troubleshoot the problem, follow these steps:

  1. Verify that your HTTP configuration is correct by typing the following command:

    # regadm list
  2. If your configuration is correct, check the following information:

    • Does your system have access to the public Internet, either directly or through an HTTP proxy? If not, you cannot use the regadm command to administer the Auto Registration feature.

    • Is an HTTP proxy required at your site? If so, ensure that the HTTP proxy host and port have been configured correctly. For instructions, see How to Configure HTTP Proxy and Port Settings.

    • Is authenticated proxy access required at your site? If so, verify that the proxy user name and password have been configured and typed correctly. For instructions, see How to Configure HTTP Proxy Authentication Settings.

  3. Ensure that your HTTP proxy host setting can be resolved to a valid web proxy host that is up and running and has a name that is resolvable.

    For example, if your configured HTTP proxy host is, it should be both resolvable and able to respond to a request from the ping utility, as follows:

    # getent hosts
    # ping is alive

    For more information, see the getent(1M) and ping(1M) man pages.

  4. If the previous troubleshooting steps do not work, verify your settings with your site administrator.