System Administration Guide: Basic Administration

Access to the Oracle Java Web Console

Permissions to the web console launcher application are usually open so that any valid user can log in. However, you can restrict access to the console by specifying the rights in the authTypes tag in the web console's app.xml file, which is located in the /usr/share/webconsole/webapps/console/WEB-INF directory. For more information, see Specifying Authorizations With the authTypes Tag.

Some system configurations are set up to be very secure, so that attempts to connect from a remote system to the URLs of the console or registered applications are refused. If your system is configured to prevent remote access, when you try to access the console as https://hostname.domain:6789, your browser displays a message such as:

Connect to hostname.domain:6789 failed (Connection refused)

The SMF profile in effect on the system might be restricting access. See SMF Profiles for more information about profiles. See Enabling Remote Access to the Oracle Java Web Console for a procedure to allow access to the console from remote systems.